Let your child shine

Every child can achieve.  Every child can succeed.  Your child can reach their full potential.

At Kumon, we believe in giving each child the tools they will need to achieve for themselves. Our maths and English programmes develop the skills and self-confidence that will give your child the best chance of succeeding in life.

No matter what their age or ability, we will help your child to improve their concentration and study skills, master a subject, and unlock their true potential.

At Kumon, we are passionate about your child’s development. Whatever their age or ability, our programmes will help your child:

  • master maths and English skills
  • develop excellent concentration and study habits
  • build lasting confidence and self-belief
  • improve their all-round academic achievement

Kumon is a long-term study programme and our aims are not just to prepare children for passing an exam or catching up with schoolwork. We aim to nurture confident, independent learners – children who will be prepared to meet challenges in school and beyond.

Contact: Leigh Goodman 022-24691

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